Member Exclusive Benefit | Health & Wellness Plan

It’s time! KVMA’s newest member benefit is now available.

In an ongoing effort to ensure all KVMA members have access to a strong health insurance plan, KVMA is pleased to announce the Health and Wellness Plan is now available for 2019. The KVMA Board of Directors explored many options. The new plan provides both increased benefits and a cost reduction over most current plans.

KVMA has teamed up with Payne Financial Strategies and Kaw Valley Insurance to manage the plan. All benefit information is posted here.

The new plan includes the following features:

  • Nationwide provider network to better serve members and their families
  • Lower deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums
  • Zero co-pay for generic prescriptions

KVMA Health and Wellness Plan is available to any KVMA member and their employees. Please feel free to share with your colleagues who are not members but may be interested in participating. Membership is only $22/month.

Questions or to enroll, contact one of our partners: Toby and Randy with Kaw Valley Insurance at 785-670-6143 or Kevin and Angie with Payne Financial Strategies at 785-828-4578.