Greetings friends and colleagues,

We hope everyone is doing well. The KVMA and KBVE are holding joint sessions to discuss the opportunity to update/modernize the veterinary practice act. We hope by now you have been made aware of the draft that the KBVE has initiated.

The sessions are open to all licensed veterinarians in the state of Kansas, whether you are a KVMA member or not. We encourage you to attend as this Act will affect each and every one of us. Our veterinary practice act is overdue to be updated. We are all working to ensure the veterinary practice act meets the standards of modern veterinary medicine. We will have representatives from the KBVE and KVMA to answer questions about the proposed changes.

There will be sessions held both in-person and virtually to provide several options for veterinary teams to participate. There is a list of virtual sessions listed below. The in-person meetings will be held in May. Locations, dates, and times are being finalized.

The pandemic put a halt on in person meetings. Now that things are getting back to normal, hopefully we can start having regular meetings again. We have many new veterinarians in Kansas. This will be a good time to talk with old friends and meet new ones.

We hope you will be able to attend to hear more and have an opportunity to ask questions to a representative of the KBVE. The links to the proposed changes are listed below.

KVMA Veterinary Practice Act Task Force

Summary of Statute Changes

KBVE Proposed Bill Draft

KBVE Summary of Budget

Veterinary Practice Act Listening Session Schedule

Join your colleagues to discuss the proposed changes to the veterinary practice act. Your input is ESSENTIAL!

April 18 | 7:30 AM

April 25 | 12:30 PM

May 2 | 7:30 AM

May 3 | 12:30 PM

May 3 | 7:30 PM

May 11 | 12:30 PM

May 16 | 7:30 PM

May 17 | 7:30 AM