The History of KVMA

Formed in 1904, the KVMA was established to provide dedicated service to the profession of veterinary medicine and the interests of the veterinary team.

The Purpose
of KVMA 

We’re developing a community of individuals who are passionate about the veterinary profession and support of animal and human health.

How the KVMA
can help 

Premium CE

Providing you local access to premium CE sessions from veterinary leaders around the nation.


Your eyes and ears on legislation that affects the veterinary profession in Kansas.

News & Resources

The latest news and access to veterinary and client resources.


Connect with veterinarians around the state to discuss issues, ideas or comments with your peers.

Career Center

Employment resources to develop your veterinary career.

Membership Options

Together we can make a difference.

Best price

  • $250/ yr.
    • A veterinarian who has graduated from veterinary medical colleges, recognized and accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, who is a resident of Kansas, or who is employed within the state of Kansas.


  • $75/ yr.
    • Out of State DVMs, Government DVMs, Individuals w/non DVM Terminal Degrees and Non-practicing DVMs not eligible for life membership.

  • LIFE

  • $0/ yr.
    • Any Active Member who has been in good standing for a period of thirty (30) years and who has attained the age of sixty-five or Active Member who has attained the age of seventy (70) may apply for Life Membership.

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